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Residential School Accommodation
Residential school accommodation is accommodation for English language students. This is mostly available during the summer months, but also throughout the year in some schools. Residential school accommodation offers students the benefits of 'student village life'.

Third level students have a number of accommodation options available to them. Most third level institutions have on-campus student residences, often resembling small villages with on-site facilities such as shops, laundrettes, restaurants etc. Prospective students should contact the host institution for further details.

Another popular option, particularly in the main cities is self-catering rented accommodation, often shared with other students. Students opting for this kind of accommodation are advised to arrive in the country two or three weeks prior to the start of the academic year in order to secure a place in a house/apartment.

Some third-level students opt for host family accommodation. This can be a good option for those leaving home for the first time as it helps to integrate them into the local community and the Irish way of life. Students are normally provided with their own room and with morning and evening meals. Host family accommodation costs about £125- £150 per month

Note::Most third level institutions have an Accommodation Office, a good first point of call for overseas students in their search for suitable accommodation. Accommodation can also be found through the local newspapers and estate agents in the cities.
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Health Insurance for students attending higher education institutions:
Students from non-EU countries are not covered for any free medical attention off-campus and must therefore have their own private insurance.

Please note that heavy levies are charged for all hospitalization and it is advised to make provision for adequate medical insurance.

Non-EU students are required to show proof of comprehensive medical insurance when registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau. Proof of health insurance is also required when applying for a student visa.

Students are strongly advised to arrange insurance for private medical care as this ensures choice of hospital, doctor and hospital accommodation in the event of illness. It is possible to obtain private medica insurance from the Voluntary Health Insurance Board (VHI), Hibernian Health or from Quinn Healthcare to cover private medical care

Health Insurance Authority--

  • Costs
  • Course fee
  • Options Approximate cost
    €8,900 to €20,000 a year
    Post-graduate program €8,900 to €37,000 a year


    Options Approximate cost
    €100 to €150 a week
    Accommodation with family € 95 to  € 120 a week
    Self- catering accommodation € 380 to  € 700 a month

    Qualified Education Agent Counselor AAAOE AAERI

    We thank you for the support extended-R. Anil Kumar

    We advise our friends to approach only edunext - Sanga Mitra

    We thank you for the support extended-R. Anil Kumar

    We advise our friends to approach only edunext - Sanga Mitra

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