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There are many opportunities for international students to work in Ireland both during and after their studies. The opportunities available include part time or holiday work, the possibility of staying in Ireland to develop your experience in the workplace. Only students attending a full time course of at least one year's duration leading to a qualification recognised by the Minister for Education and Science will be entitled to take up casual employment defined as up to 20 hours part time work per week or full time work during normal college vacation periods. The course you intend to study must be listed on the internationalisation register.

Following completion of your studies, if you wish to continue in employment, you will require a work permit to do so.


It is a primary condition of entry into the state for students that they are in a position to maintain themselves while studying here. From 18 April 2005 new students given permission to remain in Ireland for study will not be given permission to work (defined as up to 20 hours part-time work per week or full-time work during holiday periods) unless they are attending a full-time course of at least a year leading to a recognised qualification. There is a list of recognised courses on the Department of Education's website. Students who had permission to remain on 18 April 2005 can continue to work part-time and study in Ireland for the remaining period of their visa.

From 10 April 2007 non-EEA students who have graduated on or after 1 January 2007 with a primary, master's or doctorate degree may be permitted to remain in Ireland for 6 months. The degree must be from an Irish third-level educational institution. The Third Level Graduate Scheme (pdf) will allow them to find employment and apply for a work permit or Green Card permit . During this 6-month period they may work full time. They must be legally resident in Ireland and should apply for this extension of their student permission (stamp 2) to their local immigration registration office - see "Registration and permission to remain" above.

There are special arrangements for work permit applications for sports professionals (players only), nurses and doctors including no requirement for a labour market needs test.

A very restrictive policy operates regarding the issue of work permits for domestic staff. Applications will be entertained only where it has been established that the person has been in employment with a family abroad for at least one year, prior to the date of applying for a work permit. Permits, where issued, are subject to strict conditions.

From 6 June 2006 a person on a working holiday visa can no longer transfer over to a work permit

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We thank you for the support extended-R. Anil Kumar

We advise our friends to approach only edunext - Sanga Mitra

We thank you for the support extended-R. Anil Kumar

We advise our friends to approach only edunext - Sanga Mitra

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